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Graco M2K

Graco’s new M2K proportioning system eliminates hand mixing in an easy to use, compact design. This fixed ratio machine keeps your mix ratio consistent, minimizing flush time, material waste and clean up associated with hand mixing. Plus there’s a version specifically designed to manage split batch polyester materials.


Graco PD

The ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform is redefining fluid control, plural component mixing and manufacturing processes. Stay on ratio within 1 percent mixing accuracy. Stay on budget with less rework and simple maintenance.


Graco ProMix 2KE

Graco’s ProMix 2KE makes plural component mixing easy.  Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix® 2KE makes plural component finishing EASY. Designed for single color, two component, in-booth applications.


Graco ProMix 2KS

ProMix 2KS plural component mixing system offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning from entry level to upgraded applications. Compatible with solventborne, waterborne and acis catalyzed materials, the two-component proportioner provides the flexibility and efficiency you need on your production line.