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AirPro Automatic guns have a wide standard product offering with compliant gun models, in addition to HVLP and conventional. Ideal for metal, wood and high wear applications. 

  • Low pressure, versatile applicator that works well for many different materials and applications
  • Lightweight gun – weighs 1.5 lb (680 grams)
  • Recirculation up to the nozzle for no dead spots
  • Wood gun models have aircaps and nozzles designed specifically for wood finishing applications
  • High wear models are designed with a carbide needle and nozzle for long life with abrasive materials

AirPro EFX Automatic Spray Guns

AirPro EFX air spray automatic guns are among the lightest and most compact guns in their class. With no internal air shutoff mechanism, the AirPro EFX delivers increased reliability and precision fluid flow. 

  • 5 spray technologies including the exclusive HiTEch
  • 6 nozzle sizes for flow rates as low as 10 cc per minute, up to 350 cc per minute
  • 3 fluid adjustment knobs for greater flow rate precision
  • 2 mounting styles for manufacturing line flexibility

AirPro Manual Spray Gun

 AirPro spray guns handle liquid coatings for automotive, metal, wood, waterborne, high wear, adhesive and other applications. 

The manual air spray guns come in three feed types: gravity, pressure and siphon feed.  


  •  Choose from three air spray technologies (HVLP, compliant or conventional)
  • Maximize operator comfort with our lightweight design, low trigger force and ergonomic handle
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime with fewer gun parts
  • Achieve even material distribution through the spray pattern for optimum coverage
  • Increase productivity with ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue and discomfort

Finex Air Spray Guns

Finex gun design offers a more affordable way to spray. Available in pressure feed or gravity feed gun options and HVLP or conventional technologies. 

  • Aircaps optimized for high quality spray performance
  • Lightest trigger pull in its category
  • Integrated air inlet adjustment (cheater) valve
  • Durable stainless steel trigger comes standard on all Finex gun models

G15/G40 Manual Air-Assist Spray Guns

G15 and G40 air-assist manual paint spray guns offer exceptional spray quality and ease of use, while improving transfer efficiency and reducing material usage. 

  • Ergonomic handle and ultra light trigger pull force
  • Less overspray and more productivity with adjustable fan pattern
  • Long-lasting parts – even with abrasive materials
  • Easy servicing and repair – tools hardly needed

G40 Automatic Air-Assist Spray Guns

Graco’s G40 Automatic Air-Assisted spray guns for liquid coatings are recommended for high finish quality applications at low and medium pressure. 

  • Indexing aircap provides fast and accurate positioning in either the vertical or horizontal position
  • Quality finishes and higher production speeds for wood and metal finishing
  • Available with a Reverse-A-Clean® (RAC®) spray tip for quick tip cleaning and less downtime
  • Rear port manifold available for compact applications

Pro XP Automatic Electrostatic Spray guns

Pro Xp automatic electrostatic spray guns deliver expert performance to automated paint lines. Achieve high transfer efficiency when spraying high conductivity, standard or waterborne coating. 

  • Durable components and a three-year warranty minimize the cost of ownership
  • Easy modular installation allows for system flexibility
  • Manifold styles for reciprocators or robots make maintenance easy
  • 60 kV waterborne guns can be used with – or without – isolation systems
  • 85 kV standard guns have internal power, so there’s no electrical cord to worry about

Pro XP Manual Electrostatic Spray Guns

The Pro Xp electrostatic paint gun line is known for high transfer efficiency when spraying standard, specialty or waterborne coating. Manual 40, 60 and 85 kV electrostatic spray guns come in air spray or air-assisted technology. 

  • Round spray nozzle and air cap combinations maximize wrap around cylindrical objects.
  • Soft spray air cap and nozzles are ideal for small, lightweight parts that need a fine finish with minimal paint flow.
  • Aerospace air cap is designed for high paint flows to quickly cover large areas (like airplanes) with the finest finish.
  • Externally charged waterborne guns charge waterborne material at the tip of the spray gun – no electrostatic isolation system equipment needed.
  • Fixed fluid flow guns are made to extend component life when applying metallic and extremely abrasive materials.
  • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) air cap is labeled according to environmental standards.
  • High air flow model gives painters the feel and reach they need to paint from a distance and around large, complex areas.

Pro XPC Electrostatic Spray Gun

The Pro Xpc Auto electrostatic spray gun offers excellent finish quality, leading class transfer efficiency and is just the right size for robots and fixtures with payload limits. 

  • Compact size makes it great for spraying in tight spaces and corners
  • PLC or switch box controllable give you the flexibility to take charge of your spraying processes
  • Easily integrated into a variety of manufacturing configurations
  • Designed with a 100 kV power supply and low voltage cable connection to improve transfer efficiency and safety

ProBell Rotary Applicators

Graco’s ProBell Rotary Applicators not only deliver a superior quality, high transfer efficiency and precision spraying, it’s also lightweight and compact for lower payload robots or reciprocators. 

  • Compact size and small diameter allow for spraying in tight spaces
  • 100 kV power supply with a low voltage cable connection improves safety while reducing system complexity
  • Stainless steel air cap cover protects bell cup and air cap
  • Dual shaping air improves pattern shape and transfer efficiency for better overall finish quality
  • Configurations include Hollow Wrist Robot, Solid Wrist Robot, Fixed Mount or Reciprocator Mount