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Model A4B Airless Manual Spray Gun

The Nordson model A4B manual spray gun is lightweight, rugged and dependable for ease of operation and long service life in manual airless painting operations. It is available in a noncirculating version for cold airless painting and a circulating version for use in high-performance heated airless painting.


Nordson A7A automatic airless spray gun

Nordson A7A automatic airless spray guns are designed to deliver fine atomization and maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications.


Trilogy™ Air Spray (AS) and Low Volume, Low Pressure (LVLP)

Trilogy™ Air Spray (AS) and Low Volume, Low Pressure (LVLP) Automatic Spray Guns provide excellent atomization and easy adjustment for increased productivity in liquid spray applications.


Trilogy™ Electrostatic Spray Guns and Systems

Nordson Trilogy electrostatic spraying systems are designed with coating versatility in mind. Featuring two atomization technologies – air spray and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) – Trilogy electrostatic spray guns deliver superior application performance with a variety of substrates, coatings and part profiles